Samsung Smart TV


Samsung, a leader in high-end electronics for over 70 years, is proud to introduce the Samsung Smart TV. This new line of televisions takes home entertainment to a different level, letting you access everything from regular television programming to the Internet from the most comfortable place in your home - the couch![1]. Samsung also pioneers a new way to interact with your media though gesture, face, and voice recognition tools on selected models[2]. With all these features and more, the Samsung Smart TV is truly the next step in home entertainment.

Smart Content
Smart TV Remote

Samsung Smart Hub

A Samsung Smart TV is a gateway to the things you love. As one of the true innovators of smart TVs, Samsung's Smart Hub[1] was specifically designed to enhance your smart TV's features.

Smart Hub is your gateway into a new world of advanced features that will change the way you watch TV. It provides TV-optimised content that can be customised so you can enjoy it with ease and convenience. Just like the latest smart phones, Smart Hub provides you with access to a wide selection of apps optimised for your Samsung Smart TV. Through Samsung's first TV app store, you can now access your favourite content quickly and easily.

Smart Content TV

Samsung Apps

Apps[1] for the Samsung Smart TV are a fast and convenient way to view your favourite content.

A Samsung Smart TV lets you create your own entertainment schedule, with content you like delivered at a time that suits you. Samsung Apps cater to all interests, and with new Apps added all the time, your Samsung Smart TV can always be up to date.

Choose from a wide selection of categories such as Videos, Games, Sports, Information, Lifestyle, and Others. And as the number of apps continues to rapidly grow, your TV viewing experience will continue to get richer and more fulfilling.

Play Video
Surf the web

Why go through the hassle of turning on your PC if you want to surf the web when you can do it from your TV? With the Samsung Smart TV, you can enjoy the convenience of browsing the Internet without ever booting up your PC[1]. The Web Browser feature has been optimised for your TV so that you can enjoy a true Internet-surfing experience, but on the big screen. And just like your PC, you can even bookmark your favourite pages which makes surfing the web that much more convenient and easy.

Social networking & Skype®

Stay connected with friends and family with Samsung's Social TV feature. Skype® with far away friends and family, or jump onto Facebook® and Twitter® while watching your favourite show on the one big screen.

Movie & Tv Shows on demand

In the mood for a movie? No need to surf through the channels to find something suitable. You can get movies on demand, streamed directly from movie powerhouses like Blockbuster and Netflix, and even get recommendations for a great movie based on ones you already like[1].

Catch-up tv

Samsung knows you love your regular broadcast network channels as well as your favourite digital and HD channels. You can catch any recently aired programs you may have missed, so you can watch them when you're ready.

Sport & fitness

Work towards a healthier you with the Fitness App that acts as your personal trainer, or channel your inner athlete with BigPond® TV's Sports News TV channel, NRL and AFL Game Analysers.


Imagine playing your favourite games on your amazing Samsung Smart TV monitor! With outstanding graphics and clarity, it will take your gaming experience to a whole new level.


Music has an incredible power to improve mood and productivity. Radios and computer speakers are sometimes criticized for not delivering great sound, and for being hard to hear even at top volume. Your Samsung Smart TV, however, is designed to play almost all your media, including music! With the Pandora app, you can access the music you want, from up-tempo music for cleaning to soothing tunes for yoga or relaxing[1]. You can even personalise your own radio stations based on your music music videos too.

Smart Interaction

Samsung believes that interacting with your media should be easy and intuitive, so they've developed their Samsung Smart TV Smart Interaction features on Slim LED[8] ES8000, ES7500 and Plasma E8000. This innovative technology aims to revolutionise the way we experience entertainment.

Gesture Interaction[2]

No, it's not magic-- but it's close. With just a wave of the hand, you can control almost all your TV functions. Swipe your hand through the air to navigate, make a grabbing motion to select. No more searching for the remote control or worrying about replacing batteries. With Samsung Smart TV's Smart Interaction gesture recognition, you are the controller.

Voice Interaction[2]

Voice is one of our most natural ways of communicating. So it only makes sense that you should interact with your devices in the same way. Samsung uses smart voice recognition that allows you to control selected aspects of your television functions by speaking! Turn the TV on and off, navigate menus, and get access to your Smart Content[1]. For even more easy-control options, the voice control feature also works with the Smart Touch Remote Control via a built-in microphone.

Facial Recognition[2]

Your Samsung Smart TV camera options can recognise the faces of all your family members and personalise each individual's experience.

Smart Interaction
Smart Connectivity

Allshare Play

Samsung's AllShare Play[4] software enables compatible Samsung Smart TVs to wirelessly access then stream content from compatible smartphones, tablets and PCs in the home. That means the movies, photos and music you keep on many compatible devices can be enjoyed in the one place - your TV. And with the addition of cloud storage, you can access your favourite media when you're away from home.

You'll be able to send and receive SMS messages and even see who's calling by connecting your compatible mobile phone to your Samsung Smart TV through AllShare Play.


Wireless Lan

Wireless connectivity is a "must-have" for all smart TVs. With wireless LAN built-in on selected models[5], you can further streamline your TV's connectivity capabilities without adding more external devices, like LAN lines or USB dongles, and maintaining its attractive design. Moreover, this convenient feature enables you to get access to unlimited online content with ease[1].

And to further boost the TV's connectivity capabilities, the convenient "One Foot Connection" feature can wirelessly detect compatible devices (e.g., compatible laptops, mobile phones, and cameras) that are placed within roughly one foot of the TV and its wireless router. All DLNA-compatible devices can be connected, enabling you to share information amongst various sources[4].

Smart View

View your favourite Blu-ray movie on the big screen while streaming free-to-air cartoons to your compatible Samsung smartphone or tablet for the kids to watch in another room. Or send the Blu-ray movie to your compatible Samsung smartphone or tablet to watch as you move through the house- you don't have to miss a thing![6]

Smart 3D
Viewing television and movies in 3D used to be a treat reserved for people willing to go to a movie theatre and pay the ticket price. Now you can bring the fun of the 3D experience right into the convenience and comfort of your living room on selected models![7] And with new technology from Samsung, it's exceptional.


Image Quality

What do you get when you combine full-resolution HD TV with lots of the latest 3D innovations? A picture that's so clear, with so much depth, that you feel like you're in the scene. You can now even watch your favourite 2D movies in 3D![7] It's like enjoying them again for the first time.




Samsung modelled their 3D glasses after quality active eyewear, making them lightweight and comfortable. Now you can pay attention to the 3D movie, not the 3D glasses.


Active 3D

Samsung Active 3D means every seat gets a great view. Thanks to a 178° viewing angle and, of course, 3D, you can have an outstanding view and with minimal distortion whether you're sitting in a chair, lying on the couch, or sitting on the floor. Now you can experience your movies and shows in true comfort!


3D Sound

Bring home a true 3D cinematic experience with Samsung's 3D Sound technology. 3D Sound delivers immense sound depth and dimension through its Depth Rendering Technology. With 3D Sound, you can finally complement your 3D viewing experience with the next revolution in sound.

One Design

From the moment you set your eyes on the Samsung Smart TV, you'll be amazed by Samsung's new One Design. The One Design was developed to maximise the viewing experience as well as enhance any home interior.The Samsung Smart TV's One Design elegantly combines the bezel with the panel to create a seamless viewing experience that breaks the barrier between reality and what's on TV.

Range & Specs

Slim LED Smart TVs

UA55ES8000M Front

Series 8

55inch (140cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA55ES8000M | View Specs

Samsung added all our best features to this Series 8 Smart TV! In addition to an ultra-slim design and 55 inch screen, it has Smart Interaction[2] features that let you control navigation with either voice or gesture! Thanks to its built-in camera, this model also offers face recognition to personalise your Smart Hub [1] menu options and log you into your social media sites. Add a powerful Dual Core Processor, 3D sound, incredible HD and 3D picture quality, and Samsung's other innovative technologies, and you have a television that will become the envy of the neighbourhood!

UA55ES7500M Front

Series 7

55inch (140cm) 3D Slim LED
Model:UA55ES7500M | View Specs

With a powerful Dual Core processor in a sleek ultra-slim design, Samsung's LED HD TV is a Series 7 Smart TV with all our latest features. Change the channel with a wave of your hand or simply talk to the TV directly using Smart Interaction[2] tools like face and voice recognition and gesture control. It has a, 55 inch screen, 3D HD capability, and great 3D sound. In addition, it has a built-in camera so logging onto Skype® to talk to family and friends is easy. This television is definitely a good choice for those who appreciate quality in entertainment.

UA46ES7500M Front

Series 7

46inch (117cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA46ES7500M | View Specs

Samsung's LED HD TV is a Series 7 Smart TV with all our latest features, including Smart Interaction[2] tools like face and voice recognition and gesture control. It has a powerful Dual Core processor, a sleek ultra-slim profile, 46 inch screen, 3D HD capability, and great 3D sound. In addition, it has a built-in camera so logging onto Skype® to talk to family and friends is easy. This television is definitely a good choice for those who appreciate quality in entertainment.

UA55ES6700M Front

Series 6

55inch (140cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA55ES6700M | View Specs

This Ultra Slim LED Smart TV from Samsung is the television you've been dreaming about. Its ultra-slim profile looks so good you won't want to hide it inside an entertainment centre. Plus, it delivers all the exceptional picture quality you expect from Samsung, with their Wide Colour Enhancer Plus for life-like images, Micro Dimming technology for exceptional contrast, and full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution -- all on a large 55 inch screen!

UA46ES6700M Front

Series 6

46inch (117cm) 3D Slim LED
Model:UA46ES6700M | View Specs

Have you ever wished you could watch your favourite 2D movies in 3D? Now you can! This Samsung Smart TV is part of their Series 6 line. With an ultra-slim profile, sharp LED HD picture, and a 46 inch screen, it elevates your home entertainment to a whole different level. It also features Samsung's famous Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, which is specially designed to display the entire RGB spectrum; colours are so life-like you'll feel like you're there in the scene with the stars of the show.

UA40ES6700M Front

Series 6

40inch (102cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA40ES6700M | View Specs

This Series 6 LED Smart TV by Samsung boasts full HD resolution, a 40 inch screen, and 3D TV powered by 3D HyperReal Engine. The included 3D glasses can also convert your favourite 2D movies into a 3D experience! Another great feature is the AllShare Play[4] DLNA technology for wireless access to different types of media, including the Internet. Feature-packed and made with attention to quality, this Samsung TV is exceptional entertainment.

UA60ES6500M Front

Series 6

60inch (152cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA60ES6500M | View Specs

Samsung brings you another quality television with this Series 6 slim LED TV. This model has a generous 60 inch screen and 1920 x 1080 resolution. Samsung's excellent picture quality, combined with these other amazing features, create an outstanding home entertainment experience.

UA55ES6200M Front

Series 6

55inch (140cm) 3D Slim LED
Model:UA55ES6200M | View Specs

This Series 6 slim LED TV by Samsung has a 55 inch screen and 1920 x 1080 resolution. It also features Samsung's famous Wide Colour Enhancer Plus, which is specially designed to display the entire RGB spectrum so you see colours the way the director intended. In addition, you get an incredible 3D viewing experience with the included 3D glasses (which can even convert 2D into 3D)!

UA46ES6200M Front

Series 6

46inch (117cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA46ES6200M | View Specs

Another winner in the Samsung Series 6 Smart TV line, this LED television has a 46 inch screen, full HD and 3D picture, Smart Hub menu to access all your media and the Internet[1], and even has an incredible 8-star Energy Rating! Add all that to Samsung's famous picture quality, and you have a television everyone in the family will love.

UA40ES6200M Front

Series 6

40inch (102cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA40ES6200M | View Specs

Samsung presents this quality Series 6 LED Smart TV with full HD resolution and 3D! With a 40" screen and Samsung's Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology, you get life-like colour and depth that makes you feel like you're a part of the action. Plus, you can browse the web[1], share home movies and photos via the ConnectShare USB port, and access bonus Smart TV features like Fitness and Kids activities[1]. For fun family entertainment, you can't beat Samsung.

UA32ES6200M Front

Series 6

32inch (81cm) 3D Slim LED
Model:UA32ES6200M | View Specs

Samsung's Smart TV innovation includes this Series 6 LED TV with a 32" screen, 3D HyperReal Engine and full HD resolution. For an exceptional viewing experience, Samsung included Wide Colour Enhancer Plus for real-life colour. This Samsung Smart TV goes beyond movies and television, however, with Smart Hub[1] access to Internet, music, Skype® and more. ConnectShare Movie even allows you to share family movies and pictures via your USB device (sold separately) right on your TV monitor. Thanks to Samsung, entertainment has reached the next level.

UA46ES5500M Front

Series 5

46inch (117cm) 3D Slim LED
Model: UA46ES5500M | View Specs

Enhance your viewing experience with Series 5 LED Samsung Smart TV, stream your favourite movies, photos, music and more from your compatible PC or Laptop[4] . The 46" inch screen delivers exceptional HD picture quality thanks to their exclusive Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology that shows the full RGB spectrum so you get life-like colour.

UA32ES5500M Front

Series 5

32inch (81cm) 3D Slim LED
Model:UA32ES5500M | View Specs

Samsung's Series 5 LED Smart TV with a 32" inch screen delivers exceptional HD picture quality thanks to their exclusive Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology that shows the full RGB spectrum so you get life-like colour. It also features Smart TV's Smart Hub menu for easy access to movies, TV programs, web browsing, music, and more[1]. When you want the next generation in entertainment, trust Samsung to deliver.

UA32EH4500M Front

Series 4

32inch (81cm) LED TV
Model: UA32EH4500M | View Specs

Now you can browse the web right from your TV! Samsung's EH4500 LED[9] Smart TV with a 32" screen features a Smart Hub[1] menu that give you access to not only TV and movies, but also Internet, music, and Skype® (Skype® camera required, sold separately). Special features include Family Story, which lets you share photos and messages with families, a Kids feature with fun activities, and a Fitness feature. This model also has AllShare Play connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly access all compatible devices in your home, even your PC![4] With all these features and more at your fingertips, you're sure to fall in love with this Samsung television.

Plasma Smart TVs

PS64E8000M Front

Series 8

64inch (163cm) 3D Plasma TV
Model: PS64E8000M | View Specs

Treat yourself to this top-of-the-line 64" plasma TV from Samsung. Packed with features, this Series 8 Smart TV has an ultra-slim profile and boasts so many great features, including 3D picture, a Dual Core Processor, Smart Interaction controls like voice and gesture recognition[2], a built-in camera, and Smart TV extras like Family Story, Kids, and Fitness[1]. The Smart Hub menu gives you wireless access to movies, TV programming, music, Skype®, and the Internet[1]. In addition, this model has the great technology that creates the Samsung's famous life-like images, including a Real Black Pro Panel, Micro Dimming, Wide Colour Enhancer, and an Ultra Clear Panel. For the next generation in entertainment, you can trust Samsung.

PS64E550M Front

Series 5

64inch (163cm) 3D Plasma TV
Model:PS64E550M | View Specs

This Samsung Series 5 Smart TV has an impressive 64" plasma screen and incredible picture quality, with Micro Dimming technology to improve contrast and reduce halos compared to previous Samsung models and Wide Colour Enhancer Plus that delivers life-like images. Plus, you get the 3D experience powered by HyperReal 3D Engine technology. Samsung also includes their Clear Image Panel that reduces blurring and distortion for a clear picture compared to previous Samsung models, from a range of viewing angles. Other features include WiFi Direct so you can access multiple devices, ConnectShare Movie that lets you watch video from your USB device, and special Smart TV features made just for kids!

PS51E550 Front

Series 5

51inch (1130cm) 3D Plasma TV
Model: PS51E550 | View Specs

Samsung delivers yet again with their quality Series 5 plasma Smart TV. With a stylish slim profile and 55 inch screen, you get all the amazing picture quality Samsung is famous for, as well as new Smart TV features like Family Story, which lets you share photos and messages with families, a Kids feature with fun activities, and a Fitness feature[1] . You can also use the Smart Hub[1] menu to wirelessly access all your media, even the Internet and Skype® (Skype camera required, sold separately)! For a great TV at an amazing price, you can't go wrong choosing this model from Samsung.